Our Story

Our Story

Testing of electrical safety products and calibration of meters and instruments is mandatory in all states. But in the past, the delivery of this testing and calibration service left much to be desired. Electricians had no choice but to wait weeks to get their tools back, causing unnecessary and costly downtime. One mobile service did exist alone in the market, but it had all the hallmarks of a monopoly: expensive servicing and poor customer service.

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal’s calibration franchise was started to fix all of this. We deliver a quality on-site testing and calibration service to electricians and electrical contractors throughout all of Australia.

The company was launched in Queensland and quickly grew to three vans within 18 months. In the first full year of trading, the Queensland arm turned over more than $500,000 and was proving highly profitable.

The demand for the Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal service was massive and the need for quick expansion was evident, with each new van added to the fleet being booked solid within weeks. Due to the capital-intensive nature of setting up a van, franchising was deemed the best option for speedy expansion, and mobiletestncalfranchise.com.au was born.

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal is now expanding its on-site testing and calibration network within Australia through a prosperous franchise model, on which more information can be found on this website. Please navigate the menu to learn more about Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal, and register your interest at the ‘Next Step’ page to be sent an information pack.